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Conversion Kits

CAA Industries Micro RONI

Get the new Micro Roni Gen 4 that features an integrated lower angled fore-grip and a Mag Holder
An NFA and non-NFA versions are available for Glock, Beretta and CZ


Universal pistol conversion kit designed to quickly and easily transform virtually any full-size railed pistol into an M1913 accessory customizable platform.
The main advantages of the KIDON is its option to change gun compatibility by changing an adapter

FAB Defense KPOS Scout

KPOS Scout incorporates a hybrid construction, combining a rigid aluminum upper with a lightweight polymer lower, for a compact yet extremely durable and accurate handgun conversion kit
Each KPOS Scout comes with Sling and Swivel

Recover Tactical 20/20

A compact and light conversion kits that fits over 40 Glock models, Polymer 80 and S&W M&P 9mm & .40 Pistols
Thanks to its small frame, it is compatible with compensators and red dots
Get 20/20
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Over 10 Years of Experience
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